We Planned Your Journey With Us

Career Counselling

we help you to understand your profile and give you a guide you in a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the opportunities over the world for you in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Career development is more than just deciding on you further.

Course Recommendations

Selection of courses is an integral part of one’s professional career and anyone cannot doubt the fact that a degree from a reputed college or university helps us to get better jobs. This means a better career path, so choosing the right course is the right decision in terms of your career and the path to the future. Which majorly helps you in your complete career opportunities in terms of permanent residentship

Standardized Test Preparation

Every Country, Every University/Colleges and Courses have their own requirements of Standardized Tests, where, Our counsellors will assist you with all the necessary information concerning admission tests required for programs of your interest. They will support you with information on the eligibility criteria, test preparation, tips on acing the tests, fee and duration. Once the test results are shared by you along with the shortlisted universities, the counsellors will follow up on your application with the next steps in the process.

Document Checklist

Once you understand the best suitable course, Universities and requirements, Based on the individual profile, the Customized checklist will be provided, which would be helpful for the admission applications.

Personal Statements

Statement of Purposes, Letter of Recommendation and Resume are most important documents to get admission in international universities, we assist you to write these documents in a professional and with the help of content writers to make it more effectively and and also guide you to write an international resume

Admission Application

Our Expert counsellors will understand your requirements and profile and help you to find the best fit course as per your preferences, and we help you identify the best course and universities based on your profile.
So, after finalizing & arranging the documents or with the expected documents, and also keeping a head on application deadlines and intakes of individual countries, Our Process Advisors will help you with the application process in terms of universities portals and application forms in step-by-step, and also guide you through the scholarship/Fellowship & Assistantship, if applicable as per the requirements.

Scholarship & Financial Support

We assist you towards the scholarships based on your eligibility and apply to universities along with the admissions or with specific country scholarships and also Upon Admission confirmation or prior admission process, we would also help you to reach your associated banks for the education loan and required Financial documents.

Visa Guidance & Mock Interview

We will assist you with the detailed visa documents and our Visa Advisors, would cross verify all the documents before submissions and assist you with the documents and assist you with required training for the visa and We conduct mock sessions to prepare you for the visa interview. Based on your performance, Visa advising specialists would suggest the necessary improvements and train you as required and able to successfully clear the actual interview.
Moreover Visa advising specialists will help you to verify documents and guide you through the individual visa process on country to country bases and help you to fill the required documents and application form, Also arrange all the documents in a proper format

Travel Assistance

With our student travel Consultant, you can details further and get the most information in terms of your travel insurances, itinerary, Vaccinations(If Required). They also guide you with pre-organized plans and so it’s important to protect your travel and yourself and Study Abroad.

Pre - Departure Orientation

we will guide you all the Pro’s & Con’s and Do’s & Dont’s, As, the journey of studying abroad is an exciting one in many ways. One has to be prepared for many changes and learn new ways of life. Before you embark on your journey abroad after obtaining the student visa, it is essential for you to have an insight into how to comfortably adapt and adjust life in a foreign nation.